Friday, April 20, 2012

New Website!

May the Lord give you His peace!

Sorry for the delay in contacting all of you out there. We have been really busy working on the new Let us know what you think. Meanwhile ...

On Palm Sunday, Pope Benedict gave a great message to the youth on Joy.

He wrote, "Speaking of generosity, I would like to mention one particular joy. It is the joy we feel when we respond to the vocation to give our whole life to the Lord. Dear young people, do not be afraid if Christ is calling you to the religious, monastic or missionary life or to the priesthood. Be assured that he fills with joy all those who respond to his invitation to leave everything to be with him and to devote themselves with undivided heart to the service of others. In the same way, God gives great joy to men and women who give themselves totally to one another in marriage in order to build a family and to be signs of Christ’s love for the Church."

Know that you are in our prayers and feel free to call us to make a visit!

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