Sunday, May 27, 2012

May Brings Ordinations

Fr. John Paul at his first Mass in the South Bronx.

On May 19th I had the privilege of con-celebrating at the ordination Mass of Fr. John Paul, CFR.  Fr. John Paul had a significant influence in my initial discernment and throughout my years in religious life.  My first assignment upon making vows was to live at St. Felix friary and help build Casa Juan Diego, our apostolate in Yonkers.  Fr. John Paul had already been there two years assisting Fr. Andrew Apostoli with his responsibilities.  The first evening at dinner Fr. Lawrence and I were welcomed by Fr. John Paul and Br. Felix with a song with lyrics about stories of us in the novitiate as well as predictions of how life would be at St. Felix Friary.  Transitions are usually not easily and warm welcomes make those memories so much more pleasant.

A Point to Consider:

Whenever a difficult journey lies ahead it is so much easier when you walk with someone who has gone the path before you. In many of the year’s activities Fr. John Paul led the way mostly by example but always with a humble confidence, making it easier and desirable to walk with him.  Without being aware of it, I was being influenced by his example.  The more we strive towards humble confidence the clearer our discernment becomes and we receive the grace to fulfill what God asks of us.

If you would like to discuss your discernment or maybe make a visit with us in the Big Apple, feel free to call us at 212.281.4355. Keep in mind that I will be away until June 9.

You have our prayers,
Fr. Gabriel Mary Bakkar, C.F.R.
Saint Joseph Friary
Harlem, NY

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