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June 2010 C.F.R. Vocations eLetter

May the Risen Lord give you His peace! This June is full of special significance!

This month we offer an exclusive quote only found here! There is a powerful movie on Saint Anthony of Padua (Italian with English subtitles - available here). There is a famous scene when the friars are attending an ordination Mass and no one wants to give the sermon. Under obedience, Saint Anthony rises to the occasion and gives a stirring homily on why a young man would give his life to Christ.
Below is the touching sermon taken from the English subtitles - very moving ...
He puts down his written notes and says, "I wrote a sermon but I am not going to read it to you because I have a question to ask you. Why have you come here? What's all this incense? Why have you put on your best clothes? We are here today to celebrate the young men who have embraced the cross of Christ. They have promised to help Him carry it. They have reached this moment coming from different and difficult paths following the light which illuminates the darkness of night. The light of Divine Providence. It is written that the Lord is the light. Each one of us dreams of Him at night and looks for Him in the morning.
The young men you see here today have done this. This is what the men who consecrate their lives to Christ do. They abandon the woman they love, forget their friends, they disappoint their father and abandon their mother. They say goodbye to pride, wealth, comforts, their homeland. Yet, they are not alone. They are no longer alone wherever they go. They take with them their loved ones, their friends, their mother, their father and their homeland because Christ is home and peace, adventure and tranquility. Because the questions are infinite. But there is only one answer: Our Lord Jesus Christ."
Significant Saint Dates in June:
2nd - Saint Felix of Nicosia (capuchin lay brother) + WIKIPEDIA + VATICAN BIOGRAPHY

8th - Bl. Nicolas of Gesturi (capuchin lay brother) + JPII Beatification Homily
11th - Sacred Heart of Jesus (end of the Year for Priests)
12th - Immaculate Heart of Mary
13th - Saint Anthony of Padua + mp3
16th - Bl. Anizet Koplin, presbyter, and companions (Henry Krzystofik, Florian Stepniak,
Fidelis Chojnacki, Symforian Ducki), capuchin martyrs of the Nazi persecution in Poland.
26th - Bl. Andrea Giacinto Longhin (capuchin bishop)

Check it out ...

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+ clip from the Saint Anthony movie (Italian)

May the Lord bless you,
The Friars

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