Monday, July 12, 2010

July 2010 C.F.R. Vocations eLetter

Peace and greetings from the summer heat of Harlem!

It is with great joy that I introduce myself as the newest member of the C.F.R. Vocation Team here in New York City. This means I’ll be assisting Fr. Gabriel in our Vocation Office throughout the next year and also that you’ll be hearing from me somewhat regularly through these monthly eLetters.

It hasn’t been long since I was in the same position in which many of you may find yourself right now. I entered our community as a Postulant less than two years ago and professed First Vows about four months ago. However, the road that brought me here included many moments of uncertainty. This included time as a missionary in South America after graduating from a university in my home state of Kansas and four years as a diocesan seminarian.

Until my fourth year in seminary, if you would have told me I would one day be wearing a habit, I would never have believed it. During my fourth year of seminary I had a beautifully graced time of prayer in which I was given a deeper understanding of Christ’s love for me in His total gift of self. However, the Lord turned my life upside down when I felt Him ask me what I was holding back in giving myself totally to Him. Immediately, thoughts of living my vocation more as a missionary came to my mind, followed by thoughts of the C.F.R.’s. As much as I tried to negotiate with God to let me continue down the road I was headed, I realized that if it was Christ whom I was seeking, then I had to follow this new path where I felt Him calling me.

As I allowed Him to guide me, I began to see that the religious life, which I never thought would be for me, was something I actually began to desire. This was the work of the Holy Spirit! A few things that helped me the most in the initial part of this process included a very good spiritual director, reading the documents Vita Consecrata (see #19) and the C.F.R. Constitutions, not to mention lots of quiet prayer. This gave me a glimpse of the profound beauty of being totally consecrated to Christ. May you be blessed in your own discernment and be assured of my prayers!

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May the Lord bless you,
Br. Xavier Mariae Meiergerd, C.F.R.

Saint Joseph Friary
523 W. 142nd St.
New York, NY 10031

For Vocation Inquiries

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